Al-27 Si Hypereutectic Alloys

Al-27 Si Hypereutectic Alloys
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Thermal management products possess the light weight-low expansion-high thermal conductivity features,such as the Al-27wt.%Si alloy carrier plates for telecommunication fields.

As everybody knows that the volume fraction, size,morphology, and distribution of Si phase in the Al-Si alloys determine the properties.For expample,the thermal expansion coefficient,wear resistance, strength, and fracture toughness.Fine Si phase distributed homogeneously in the alloys improves their machinability. However, it is difficult to obtain a fine and uniform Si phase using conventional ingot metallurgy method due to the extensive growth of Si phase during solidification.Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology Co.,Ltd manufactures the Al-27wt.%Si hypereutectic alloy by using the rapid solidification technology to obtain equiaxed and homogeneous (average grain size is 10μm),high surface roughness and no macro segregation,which has superior mechanical properties,such as the high strength, modulus, wear resistance, and elevated temperature strength.Many research also shows that the rapid solidification technique is the most promising route for the fabrication of hypereutectic Al-Si alloys with desirable microstructure and excellent performance.

Main attributes of AlSi27(Al-27 Si controlled expansion alloys):

● AlSi27 alloy CTE close to PCBs;

● Cost advantage over Cu/AA6061 and price stability;

● The CTE match to PCB laminates;

● Enhanced stiffness.

Substituting material:

● Copper,Aluminium.