A New Light-weight Si-Al Electronic Packages

A New Light-weight Si-Al Electronic Packages

Silicon-aluminum(Si-Al) alloys are currently being exploited in a variety of electronic applications because of its advantageous physical properties and manufacturing characteristics,etc.

Product Details

There is a growing demand to replace Kovar, the established material used for packaging microwave hybrid circuitry, with substitutes which are lighter,stiffer and provide other superior heat-sinking.Novel and isotropic-grained silicon-aluminum(Si-Al) alloys,high in silicon and prepared by our company rapid solidification technique satisfy these application requirements.With the combination of excellent lower weight,high thermal conductivity and its low thermal expansion – all of these qualities embodied in an extremely light-weight material with 100% recycling – all these properties also predestine our aluminum alloys for applications in units where heat-sinking are involved.

This main application of the Si-Al packages are being exploited in the space communication,other promising application include the opto-electronic modules and microwave waveguide components.Baienwei company’s Si-Al Alloys are based on low cost raw materials, namely Si and Al, and 1/3 the weight of Kovar, high specific stiffness and excellent thermal stability.There is no limit to the number of ways in which our products can be processed.