Controlled Expansion Alloys And Materials

Controlled Expansion Alloys And Materials

Low coefficient of thermal expansion materials often be used in scientific instrumentation.

Product Details

Low-CTE materials commonly used in scientific instrumentation:

  Nickel Iron Alloy (FeNi36) commonly called Invar, Invar 36, standard Invar or alloy 36, such as trademarks Invar (Aperam Alloys Imphy, Registered in 1906), Carpenter Invar “36” (Carpenter Technologies, US), NAS 36 (Nippon Yakin Kogio), Timetal 6-4 (Timet), Pernifer 36 (ThyssenKrupp VDM), Nilo36 (Special Metals Corp), P802SA (Bölher Bleche), Dilaton 36 (Deutshe Nickel), Ametek936 (Ametek Inc) DIN: DIN17745/SEW: 385,   Werkstoff-No. 1.3912 Abreviated name according to DIN17745/SEW 385: Ni36AFNOR: NF A 54-301  Designation according to AFNOR: Fe-Ni 36ASTM/ASME: ASTM F 1684, (A658, B388)/B753(T-36)

●  Chemical composion: DIN 1774 or B 753 (T-36), UNS K93600, UNS K93601, UNS K93603, Wr 1.39121

●   Other: ASTM F1684, MIL I-16598, MIL I-23011 Class 7, UNS K93600, K93601, K93603, ASTM B 388, ASTM B 753 (T-36), DIN 1715 (sheets)

●   Nickel-Iron Alloy (FeNi42, Werkstoff-No. 1.3917, ASTM F30 – DIN 17745 –A54-301 – SEW 385) such as trademarks Aperam N42, NAS 42, Nilo42. They are sometimes commonly called “Invar 42”

●   Nickel-Iron Alloy (FeNi48, Werkstoff-No. 1.3922, ASTM F30 – DIN 17745 – W 1.3922 – A54-301) like Aperam N48

●   Nickel-Iron Alloy (FeNi52, Werkstoff-No. 2.4478 – ASTM F30 – DIN 17745 – A54-301) like Aperam N52

●   Nickel-Iron Chromium alloy FeNi36Cr6 (ASTM F31 – W 1.3946 – A54-301) such as Aperam N426

   Nickel-Iron Chromium alloy FeNi48Cr5 (DIN 17745 – Werkstoff-No. 2.4486 – SEW 385) such as Aperam N485

●   Nickel-Iron Chromium alloy FeNi42Cr5 (DIN 17745 – Werkstoff-No. 2.4486 – SEW 385) such as Aperam N425

●    Silicium-Aluminium Alloys such as for example Baienwei's Al-Si alloys

●    Aluminium-Silicium Carbide Composite (Al-SiC)

●    Silicon (Si)

●    Silicon Carbide (SiC)

●    Silicon Carbide – Graphite composites (SiC-C) such as trademark Cesic (ECM GmbH in Munich)

●    Aluminium-Beryllium Alloys (Beryllium is a very toxic material) such as trademark AlBeMet and Beralcast

●    Glass Ceramic such as fused silica, Sitall and trademarks such as Pyrex, Zerodur, Cervit.

●    Diamond

●    Sapphyre

●    Aluminium-Nitride ceramics (AlN)