China AlSi50 Alloy Supplier

China AlSi50 Alloy Supplier

Tianjin Baienwei company provides a family of Al-Si alloys which are composed of silicon-aluminum and by adjusting the proportions of these two constituents, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) can be controlled to any pre-selected value between 6 and 17 ppm/℃. For example,AlSi50(Al-50Si controlled expansion alloys) are available in stock.

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Tianjin Baienwei(BEW) company manufactures a wide range of Al-Si controlled expansion alloy products which possess the lightweight-low expansion-high thermal conductivity features,such as the AlSi50(Al-50Si controlled expansion alloys) alloys products.

When it comes to utilizing the advanced packaging material, excellent heat dissipation materials with high thermal conductivity,low density,low coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) and higher specific stiffness, which are essential to improve the combination performance in electronic devices and housings.


To meet the above requirements, with years of experience in research and development of silicon-aluminum alloys,Baienwei Co.,Ltd successfully studied a portfolio of Si-Al(same as controlled expansion alloys)alloys products which are extensively used in aerospace and defense electronics,such as the most popular Al-50%Si alloy. In comparison with the initiator of original technology,through the accumulation of years of experience and technologies,our professional engineering team greatly contribute to the development of the proprietary rapid solidification technology. The total alloy products performance is excellent. What’s more, we earn an excellent reputation in military and aerospace industries in China.


We would like to simply illustrate the main characteristics of 50Si/50Al alloy.Compared with steel,the controlled expansion Al-50%Si alloy has the main following benefits,including 1/3 weight of steel,appropriate 3x higher thermal conductivity and same CTE.We strive to be the largest and best supplier in China,welcome to contact us if you have any interest of our products.

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