Controlled Expansion Alloy Materials

Controlled Expansion Alloy Materials

The controlled expansion Si/Al alloy can be offered in the forms of carrier and housings,such as the AlSi50 substrates and AlSi70 wafers and etc.

Product Details

Tianjin Baienwei company manufactures a wide range of Al-Si controlled expansion alloy products which possess the lightweight-low expansion-high thermal conductivity features,which in the form of machined carriers and housings. 


After years of experiences in research and development of silicon-aluminum alloys,Baienwei company successfully studied a portfolio of Si-Al(same as controlled expansion alloys)alloys products which are extensively used in aerospace and defense electronics,such as the most popular Al-50%Si alloy housings. In comparison with the initiator of original technology,through the accumulation of years of experience and technologies,our professional engineering team greatly contribute to the development of the proprietary rapid solidification technology. The total alloy products performance is excellent. 

We would like to simply illustrate the typical applications of Si/Al alloys:

 Microwave/RF Housings;

● Heat Sink or spreader;

● Hermetic;


● High-brightness LED;

● Structural component.

image_1479094691_Optoelectronic Package

image_1479102973_Fiber Optic & Telecom Package