AlSi70 Alloy Heat Sinks

AlSi70 Alloy Heat Sinks

Baienwei'company produces a family of binary AlSi alloys products,and the alloy products are finding increasing use in the electronics industry for a wide range of applications.These lightweight alloys are composed of silicon-aluminum and by adjusting the proportions of these two constituents the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) can be controlled to any pre-selected value between 7 and 17 ppm/°C. For example,the AlSi70 alloy heat sinks for telecommunications or avionics.

Product Details

Thermal management products possess the light weight-low expansion-high thermal conductivity features,such as the Si-30wt.%Al alloy heat sink for telecommunication/avionics fields.

Main attributes of AlSi70 alloy heat sinks:

●Low CTE; 

●High thermal conductivity;

●Cost advantages over Cu-W.

The raw materials of AlSi70 alloy blanks:


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