AlSi50 Housing Is Made Out Of Aluminum And Silicon Alloys

AlSi50 Housing Is Made Out Of Aluminum And Silicon Alloys

A family of Al-Si alloys which are composed of silicon-aluminum and by adjusting the proportions of these two constituents, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) can be controlled to any pre-selected value between 7 and 17 ppm/℃.

Product Details

Baienwei company develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of controlled expansion Si/Al alloys which combine the advantageous of light weight,low expansion and high thermal conductivity features,such as the AlSi50(Al-50Si controlled expansion alloys) housings.

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Main Benefits of controlled expansion Al-50Si alloy housings:

Material Properties

Baienwei's AlSi alloys

Internal Microstructure

Silicon particles are refined and distribute well,any part of the alloy material is consistent with an average grain size of 10μm,shows uniform and isostropic.

Strength Property

Silicon particles distribute well,no stoma and holes,so improve the strength performance and product yield.

CTE(Coefficient of thermal expansion)

Silicon content occupes by the weight of 27%~80%,adjusted CTE in the range of 7~17ppm/℃ is available,CTE can be tailored based on client 's requirements.

Lower and Affordable cost

High-efficiency process routing,enhance product yield and reduce the cost.

Machining Property

Good machinability and platability.

Welding Property

Baienwei's Al-Si alloys ensure compact density can reach up to 100%,close tightness and have excellent welding performance.

Electro-plating Property

Using standard aluminum eletroless plating,good plating adhesion strength.

Hermetic Performance

Baienwei ensures relative density of alloys is 100%,good hermetic performance of chamber and keep the electronic components longevity

Below is the AlSi50 alloy housings:


image_1479102973_Fiber Optic & Telecom Package