Al-50Si Alloy Substrate For Fiber Pump Combiner

Al-50Si Alloy Substrate For Fiber Pump Combiner

The Al-50Si alloy substrate is very suitable for high-power pump combiner with the attributes of low CTE and high power transfer efficiency and good thermal conductivity properties and etc.

Product Details

By using of rapid solidified technology,Baienwei company has produced these alloys which are composed of silicon aluminum(AlSi),they possess the light weight-lower CTE-high thermal conductivity features,such as the Al-50wt.%Si(AlSi50) alloy substrate for fiber pump combiner application.

High-power,all-fiber pump combiners and pump signal combiner are key components of highly integrated fiber laser and fiber amplifier systems.Baienwei company specializes in producing the substrate for combiners which can be implemented in almost any fiber laser or amplifier architecture and allow for uncooled operation.

Regarding the pump combiner,the applications include the directed energy market, addressing the requirements for laser weapon systems with improved size, weight and power.

Al-50Si alloy's substrate showcase: