Al-42%Si Alloy Laser Mirror

Al-42%Si Alloy Laser Mirror

Al-42Si alloy is being widely used for microwave packaging for space and aerospace application and having the advantages of the close low expansion CTE suit to circuit boards and components,higher thermal conductivity,low density,hermeticity and ease of machine.

Product Details

Baienwei Co.,Ltd silicon-aluminum alloys have increasing demand for space and aerospace applications,e.g.RF/microwave,mirrors,hybrid electronic housings and packages.It would be beneficial to use the Al-42%Si alloy instead of copper.Because the almost 1/4 the weight and stiffer.


Properties of Al-42%Si controlled expansion alloy:

●Grade: Al-42%Si controlled expansion alloy

●Density: 2.55g/cm3

●Tensile Strength:200MPa

●Yield Strength:187MPa

●Poisson's Ratio:0.29


●Elastic Modulus:105GPa

●Specific heat capacity(metric system):0.822J/g-°C

●Coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE at 25℃):13ppm/℃

●Thermal Conductivity(at 25℃):160W/m-K

Transporation Service:

Baienwei Co.,Ltd will flexible choose the suitable transportation company based on our client detailed inquries.Welcome to your quotation and we offer the reasonable purchase price and assist in reducing the overall cost.


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