Advanced Aluminum Alloys Powder

Advanced Aluminum Alloys Powder

Novel POWDERS produced by our state-of-the-art rapid solidification process based on lower raw material cost for chemical industry.

Product Details

Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology Co.,Ltd offers a family of lightweight, advanced Si/Al alloys powders for chemical industry and other engineering fields.  

POWDER GRADE,including AlSi27 powder,AlSi50 powder and AlSi60 powder.

BEW company’s AlSi Alloys powders are based on low cost raw materials, namely Si and Al alloy,and produced by the rapid solidification process,conservatively the powder's grain size is between 40~400μm or even better.BEW company also produces the other aluminum alloy powders according to customers' attributes.

Available document "Technical Datasheet(English)" and "Product Quality Certified" could be provided to you with the delivery.If you have other requirement,our representative will promptly contact you in your free time.Welcome to contact our team.

Contact Person: Ivy Liu

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