27Si-73Al Aluminum Alloy Powder

27Si-73Al Aluminum Alloy Powder

Novel POWDERS are produced by our company with lower raw material cost for chemical industry and other important fields.

Product Details

Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology Co.,Ltd provides advanced Si/Al aluminum alloys powders for chemical industry and other fields.  

POWDER GRADE,including AlSi27 powder(several tons are available in stock),AlSi50 alloy powder and AlSi60 alloy powder.


BEW company’s AlSi Alloys powders are based on low cost raw materials, namely Si and Al alloy,and produced by the rapid solidification process,conservatively the powder's grain size is between 40~400μm or even better.Our company also produces the other controlled expansion Si/Al alloy or the super high-strength aluminum alloys for aerospace fields according to our clients' attributes.

Providing with 27si-73al aluminum alloy powder free sample, BAIENWEI is one of the competitive 27si-73al aluminum alloy powder manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.