Silicon Aluminum Alloy Piston

Silicon Aluminum Alloy Piston

Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology manufacture the autoparts used in the vehicle and motorcycle industries,these autoparts are produced by our proprietory rapid solidification process,such as the AlSi20 alloy pistons,connecting rods,cylinder liner and etc.

Product Details

High performance hypereutectic aluminum-silicon-AlSix(x=18,25,and 35 wt%) alloy products for automotive and other different engineering fields,such as the AlSi20 alloy pistons,treat heatment in condition T6/F.

Key benefits of AlSi20 alloy pistons:

● One of the advantges of aluminum-silicon alloys is low density,only 1/3 the weight of casting iron and steel iron,which will reduce the weight of pistons and inertia force of reciprocating motion.

● AlSi alloy high performance pistons have less side pressure and impact to cylinder wall,which will reduce the friction and abrasion among piston set,cylinder wall and piston pins.

● Increase the fuel economy, have outstanding anti-vibration, noise damping and high thermal conductivity.

● AlSi alloy pistons increase the power density of engines,which makes the overall properties much higher and output power be raised at least 15%.

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