Silicon Aluminum Alloy Engine Components

Silicon Aluminum Alloy Engine Components

Over 10 years Baienwei has been working in the high end vehicle industry as a material supplier of cylinder liner and pistons for top-level cars.The cylinder liner is favored by our Europe customers.

Product Details

High performance hypereutectic aluminum-silicon-AlSix(x=18,25,and 35 wt%) alloy engine components for automotive and motorcycle industries.

Product Description:

Grade: AlSi25 alloy 

●Composition: AlSi25Cu4Mg

●Dimension in stock: O/D:89mm,I/D:75mm,Height:180mm(other size can be tailored according to clients' requirement)

●Heat-treatment process:Condition T6

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength: 480MPa

Yield strength: 441MPa

Density(at 20℃): 2.64g/cm3

Poisson’s ratio: 0.29

Elongation: 0.7%

Elastic modules: 96GPa

Hardness: 207HB(Brinell Hardness)