Other Protential Domains Of Aluminum Alloys

Other Protential Domains Of Aluminum Alloys

The AlSi alloy has the excellent high temperature strength,exceptional dimensional stability,low thermal expansion-all of these qualities embodied in an extremely lightweight material with 100% recyclability-guarantee that high-precision machines run smoothly and precisely.

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Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology Co.,Ltd offers a new class of lightweight and high performance Si/Al alloys auto-parts and other leading-edge industries.

The trend towards weight saving in the automobile sector progresses inexorably.Besides the above aspect,we also provide the novel aluminum alloy materials,as well as the advanced Al-Si alloy material is making a great contribution in this respect:High rigidity,good thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to wear and tear predestine,the high performance material is suitable for a wide range application in engine and gearboxes.There is no limit to the number of ways in which our products can be processed.They are currently being used for cylinder liner,inlet valves,con-rods,brake drums and etc. 

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