Novel Aluminum Alloy Brake Drum

Novel Aluminum Alloy Brake Drum

High performance aluminum alloys possess the lower weight-good corrossion-resistance-wear-resistance-extend engine parts life for automotive and motorcycle applications

Product Details

High performance aluminum alloys possess the lower weight-good corrossion resistance-wear-resistance-extend engine parts life,such as the novel aluminum alloys products for automotive field.

We provide expertise in fabricating the advance aluminum(AlSi) alloy tube or bar billets by offering a wide variety of raw materials,in order to reduce the car weight and help to save the fuel consumption.

The table below highlights the performance of hypereutectic Al-25 Si alloy for motorcycles and automotive applications,such as brake drum,cylinder liner,connecting rods,pistons and etc.


After-sale service: 

We strive to help our clients to select the suitable material according to the detailed suggestions and offer the high reliability solutions.In the guarantee of keep customer’s processes safer while reducing the environmental impact.In order to remain our products competitive and build our customers' loyalty, our representative will contact you and provide suitable solutions within 24 hours.Consult our team to learn more.

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