Lightweight Brake Drums For Top-level Vehicles

Lightweight Brake Drums For Top-level Vehicles

The lightweight and high-performance Al-Si alloy engine components are available.

Product Details

By using of the rapid solidified technique,we are committed to delivering good quality products and best service to clients,with covering a new class of silicon-aluminum(AlSi) alloys with high rigidity, good thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to wear and tear predestine can be reached.These high-performance AlSi alloy materials for a wide range of applications in brake drums and other engine components.


A description of our major products are summarized below:

●  Brake drums - We offer a variety of brake drums for truck,commercial vehicle and off-highway applications.Our brake drums are custom-engineered to exact requirements for a board range of applications.

●  Cylinder liner - We also develop and manufacture a series of durable and lightweight cylinder liner billets for a wide range of commercial vehicle applications.

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