Light-weight Construction Aluminum Alloys For Auto Parts

Light-weight Construction Aluminum Alloys For Auto Parts
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Aluminum is a modern material which has been fascinating engineers and designers alike for decades.The properties of this material are impressive.One result is the lower weight and high-performance AlSi(silicon-aluminum) material.

These novel aluminum alloys are currently being used for cylinder sleeves,brake drums,connecting-rods as well as inlet valves.Other leading-edge parts also can be deployed the AlSi alloys for space system application.

AlSi alloy materials allow the manufacturing of pistons for highest operational demands.

Cylinder liner showcase:


More information of AlSi25(AlSi25Cu4Mg) cylinder sleeves:

Outside diameter89mm, Internal diameter75mm,any length size can be tailored according to your demands.

● Delivery time:within 7 working days.

● Courier service:FedEx,DHL,SF international express,UPS etc.

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