Excellent Wear-resistance AlSi35 Alloy

Excellent Wear-resistance AlSi35 Alloy
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Product Details



●Engine block parts

●Racing cars

●Motor sports engine and chassis parts

Product Description:

●Grade: AlSi35 alloy

●Main chemical composition:Al:62%, Si:35%, Iron:2%,Nickle:1%

●Heat-treatment:Condition ''O'' or ''F''

Mechanical properties(Condition F):

Ultimate Tensile strength(UTS): 226MPa

●Yield strength: 136MPa

●Density(at 20℃): 2.58g/cm3

●Poisson’s ratio: 0.26

●Shear modulus: 39GPa

●Elongation(A5): 1.0%

●Young's modules: 86GPa

●Hardness(HV30): 85

After-sale service:

We strive to help our clients to select the suitable material according to the detailed suggestions and offer the high reliability packaging solutions.In the guarantee of keep customer’s processes safer while reducing the environmental impact.In order to remain our products competitive and build our customers' loyalty,our representative will contact you and provide suitable packaging solutions within 24 hours.