Characteristics Of Hypereutectic Al-25 Si Alloy

Characteristics Of Hypereutectic Al-25 Si Alloy

The fabrication of hypereutectic Al–25Si alloy, which is expected to be applied to the cylinder liner part of the engine block for automotive and other engineering industries.

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High performance hypereutectic Al-Si alloy materials for automotive and other different engineering fields.

We provide expertise in manufacturing the hypereutectic Al-Si alloy tube or bar billets by offering a wide variety of raw materials to reduce the car weight and save the fuel consumption.Consult our team to learn more.

Hypereutectic Al-Si alloys possess superior wear resistance, high strength to weight ratio, low thermal expansion, excellent castability, high corrosion resistance, etc. that makes these alloys suitable for a number of tribological applications in vehicles, like pistons, cylinder liners, compressor scrolls and engine blocks and in other different engineering fields.

Hypereutectic Al-Si alloys are typically defined as those where the silicon content is equal or more than 17 wt %. Reinforcement of silicon particles improves the hardness, which further enhances the wear resistance property of Al–Si hypereutectic alloys.These are sometimes categorised as metal matrix composites because the silicon particles act as reinforcing high hardness particles in the tough aluminium matrix. There is a drive to process such high silicon alloys because of the high specific stiffness and strength, good hot strength, low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent wear resistance.But,if conventional solidification routes are used, the primary silicon forms as large, brittle particles and the material has low toughness.Rapid solidification presents a route for producing the alloy with the silicon initially in a very fine form.The enhancement in mechanical properties and sliding wear resistance is influenced by the size, shape, type and size distribution of Si particles within the matrix and matrix microstructures. The additions of hard material particle to the matrix, improved both mechanical as well friction and wear resistance properties.In the view of studied reports,it shows that hypereutectic Al-25Si alloy presents higher wear rate

at 50 N due to the participation of a large amount of needle-like precipitates, but shows low wear rate under high load of 100 N because of the work hardening layer.(Reference:Friction and wear behaviour of hypereutectic Al-Si alloy/steel tribopair under dry and lubricated conditions,by the author of Parveen Kumar, M.F. Wani*)


                                         Fig. Rapid solidification hypereutectic Al-Si alloys tube

Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology Co.,Ltd can be produced in the following dimensions:

  Bars:diameters 17mm,18mm,20mm.

 ● Tubes:outside diameter  89mm, internal diameter 75mm,length can be tailored based on your request.

  Any other size can be custom made in round,rectanguler or any other shape up to 400mm.

The table below highlights the performance of hypereutectic Al-25%Si alloy: