Baienwei AlSi High Performance Alloy For Engine Parts

Baienwei AlSi High Performance Alloy For Engine Parts

The AlSi alloy has the excellent high temperature strength,exceptional dimensional stability,low thermal expansion-all of these qualities embodied in an extremely lightweight material with 100% recyclability-guarantee that high-precision machines run smoothly and precisely.

Product Details

High performance hypereutectic aluminum-silicon-AlSix(x=18,25,and 35 wt%) alloy engine parts products,such as the connecting rods

,cylinder liners,bearing caps and transmission parts for automotive and other leading-edge fields.

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The significant properties of hypereutectic AlSi(aluminum-silicon) alloys:

●  Lower weight;

●  Low coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE);

●  Dimensional stability;

●  High temperature strength and high specific;

  Recyclability 100%. 

Thanks to the outstanding properties,so that the advanced AlSi(silicon-aluminum) alloy material can replace the casting iron auto-parts and help to save the comprehensive cost in the future.

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