Pistons For Large Engine Automobile

Pistons For Large Engine Automobile

The aluminum alloys piston is distinguished from the conventional cast iron material.Based on the supported with groups of engineers and mass-production managers meticulously executed and experienced, Baienwei core competence is the development and production of silicon aluminum alloys products,from the aluminum alloys material to aluminum alloys auto parts. The application has a wide range of aluminum alloys whether military, aerospace or vehicle accessories.

Product Details

Baienwei offers reliable silicon aluminum alloys(also called DISPAL high performance alloys in some foreign countries) products and  best service to our clients, the products improve client's productivity,ensure timely delivery and RoHS compliance.Go to our vehicle industry to find out more.

The diverse applications of these high performance alloys are well-known.This material is perfectly used not only for the demanding industrial applications,but also for use in the auto industry.We are expert of manufacturing silicon aluminum alloys vehicle products used in pistons,brake drum,brake disc and engine components,such as cylinder liners,connecting rods,inlet values,etc.

Also,serving silicon aluminum alloy pistons prototype sampling, BAIENWEI is a trustworthy company which produces silicon aluminum alloy company, Si-Al pistons, Al-Si pistons, hypereutectic AlSi alloy pistons, hypereutectic aluminum alloy pistons manufacturers and suppliers.  Supported by groups of engineers and mass-production managers meticulously executed and experienced,depended on the patented Rapid Solidification technologies, Baienwei supports clients from design prototype sampling to mass-production.If you need special auto-parts components,turn to us.We'll contact you shortly with the information requested.

Silicon Aluminum alloy is an ideal wear-resistant material for its high temperature strength,heat stability and high abrasion resistance.In recent years, AlSi alloy has a fast development in many applications,it has been widely used in automotive,motorcycles and military industry. Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.

Applications as follows:

  • ● Passenger cars;

  • ● Large engine(6 cylinders and more);

  • ● Ship motors;

  • ● Sports cars;

  • ● Racing cars(Formula 1,Rally,Motor GP,Karting,Model Engine,Boat Racing, Motorcycle racing);

  • ● Off-road vehicles;

  • ● Motortrucks;

  • ● Tanks;

  • ● Armored cars;

  • Engineering vehicles;

  • ● Electric vehicles.


  • ● Lightweight, only 1/3 the weight of casting iron and steel iron;

  • ● High fatigue and low density;

  • ● AlSi alloys offer a guarantee of excellent shape stability, increased stiffness, wear resistance and low thermal expansion for pistons, also excellent thermal conductivity and ductility;

  • ● AlSi alloy pistons increase the power density of engines,which makes the overall properties much higher and output power be raised at least 15%.