Brake Discs For Engine System

Brake Discs For Engine System
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Baienwei offers reliable silicon aluminum alloys products and  best service to our clients, the products improve client's productivity,ensure timely delivery and RoHS compliance.Go to our vehicle industry to find out more.

The diverse applications of high performance alloys are well-known.This material is perfectly used not only for the demanding industrial applications,but also for use in the auto industry.We are expert of manufacturing silicon aluminum alloys vehicle products used in pistons,brake drum,brake disc and engine components,such as cylinder liners,connecting rods,inlet values,etc.

Also,providing with AlSi alloy brake discs free prototype samples, BAIENWEI is a trustworthy company which produces silicon aluminum alloy brake disc, silicon aluminum brake disc,AlSi brake disc, hypereutectic silicon aluminum alloy brake disc, hypereutectic AlSi brake disc manufacturers and suppliers. Supported by groups of engineers and mass-production managers meticulously executed and experienced,depended on the patented Rapid Solidification technologies, Baienwei supports clients from design prototype sampling to mass-production.If you need special auto-parts components,turn to us.We'll contact you shortly with the information requested.

AlSi brake discs have the advatages of stable and reliable frictional and wear properties under varying conditions of load, velocity, temperature and environment, and high durability, widely used in automotive,motorcycles and military industry for in tanks,motorcycles and cars.Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.

Advantages as follows:

  • ● A lower density and higher thermal conductivity;

  • ● A weight reduction of up to 50 – 60 % in brake systems;

  • ● Reduce friction heat and shorten brake distance to prolong the life of brake system;

  • ● Have stable and reliable fatigue and wear properties,which enhances the driving safety of automobiles.