Affordable Cost Of Hypereutectic Al-25Si Alloy

Affordable Cost Of Hypereutectic Al-25Si Alloy
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Hypereutectic Al-Si alloys are known for their lower weight,high modulus,good wear resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion.These alloys are widely used as potential materials for electronics,automobile,aerospace and defence applications. For the automotive applications,the hypereutectic Al-25Si alloy are currently being used for cylinder sleeves,brake drums,connecting-rods as well as inlet valves.

高硅铝合金缸套   高硅铝合金活塞

高硅铝合金汽车配件 (2)   1-150Z6140925932

With the combination of excellent high temperature strength, its exceptional dimensional stability, its low thermal expansion – and all of these qualities embodied in an extremely light-weight material with 100% recyclable,and all these properties also predestine our aluminum alloys for applications in units where high rotation speeds are involved.

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