A Low And Adjustable CTE Aluminum Alloys

A Low And Adjustable CTE Aluminum Alloys

The aluminum alloys are characterized by low density, high stiffness, superior strength — particularly at high temperatures — excellent wear properties, low and controllable coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) and outstanding machinability.

Product Details

Tianjin Baienwei New Material Technology company specializes in the research,development,and the manufacturing of Al-Si high silicon materials.These aluminum alloys are not foundry alloys.A series of high performance aluminum alloys were produced by our state-of-art rapid solidified technology.

You will please find the characteristics of Al-Si aluminum alloys:

Higher stiffness;

Lower thermal expansion;

Low friction;

Superior strength.

The Al-Si aluminum alloys can be used in the below applications:

 Formula One;

Top-level engine component;

● High precision optical and measurement instruments.